What is the McDade PTInc. and what does it do?

The McDade PTInc. is the Parent Teacher Incorporated that supports the children and staff of the McDade ISD family.  This organization is made up of teachers, school support staff, parents, grandparents, and interested community members.


When McDade needed to update their District Emergency Plans, one thing needed was the purchase of additional AEDs for the district.  So far the PTInc. has been able to ensure that both campuses are equipped with 2 AED’s each and our hope is to provide one for each building in the future.




PTInc. has been able to regularly update and maintain each unit from year to year due to the support of everyone who participates in our fundraisers and events.  It’s thanks to the parents and teachers who help us that we can keep our students safe and healthy.



Teacher Appreciation Week

During the 2016-2017 Teacher Appreciation Week, McDade PTInc. gifted teachers and educational staff with custom t-shirts and monogrammed drink koozies.




Various fundraisers will occur throughout the school year.  Check back to the website for more information and watch your child’s Thursday folder.